About Story Based Spelling

Do you love reading stories with your child? You know as an adult how much learning naturally happens when you're sharing a lovely story time together. Now you can add spelling to your story time with our beautiful picture book stories full of words that naturally show how sounds in words can be spelled in many ways.

Clever Speller embeds systematic and analytic phonics in purpose written stories to provide the context for phonics to make sense and easily show how sounds in words can be spelled in many different ways.

Our story based approach is designed to add life to spelling lessons and easily supports and complements methodologies such as Orton Gillingham, Science of Reading, Jolly Phonics, Montessori, Home School, or any favourite teaching program.

Clever Speller stories are different to most decodable readers and passages. They are written in full length colourful picture book style, with beautifully illustrated scenes, engaging characters and imaginative adventures.

Our stories provide a link between decodable readers and storybooks. They include a variety of words ranging from simple to complex, with the focus sound letters printed in green to assist with decoding.

Focus sound letters are printed in green for easy decoding making it super easy to learn letter sound recognition and develop reading fluency.

Accompanying activities help further to bring learning to life and provide the context for phonics to make sense.

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Our Mission

Our vision is to make learning to spell a natural and seamless journey that is fun and successful for all

Our Vision

No more endless disconnected boring spelling lists!

boy enjoying reading
boy enjoying reading