Learn to Spell with Stories

If you're looking for a natural way to teach spelling in context, you've come to the right place!

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Story Based Learning

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phonics stories to teach spellingphonics stories to teach spelling

Stories to Teach Spelling

Explicit phonics embedded in natural story settings

phonemic awareness activitiesphonemic awareness activities

Phonemic Awareness

Learning to hear sounds in words

story based phonics activitiesstory based phonics activities


Learning all the ways

to spell sounds in words

story based grammar activitiesstory based grammar activities


Language Conventions

Play based spelling is perfect for home schoolingPlay based spelling is perfect for home schooling

Perfect for Homeschooling

Natural Learning in Context

Our stories bring spelling to life and easily make sense of crazy English spelling. With plenty of open ended, cross curricular activities to provide interest, learning to spell becomes a relaxed and natural process. Ditch boring disconnected lists and make spelling time a happy time!

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